St. Patrick Senior Center, Inc.
58 Parsons St.
Detroit, MI 48201-2202
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Sharing, Caring and Loving the Elders We Serve Since 1973
Racine Dominicans, Founders
Membership is open to everyone meeting age requirements

Here is what people are saying . . .  
What Our Volunteers Say  
Dear SaTrice, Thank you for giving our students the opportunity to serve our community through St. Pat Senior Center.  We truly appreciate everything you have done and look forward to working with you and the senior center next year.  Sincerely, Detroit buildOn

What Our Donors Say  
To seniors who have found St. Patrick Senior Center, it is a treasure chest of not only a substantial daily meal but a safe haven for friendship, health and wellness, plus numerous activities for the body and mind. We consider it a privilege to be part of such a vibrant, growing and vitally important Detroit
institution.  Mary Kaye and Mason Ferry 

What Our Partners Say  
Dear Partner, Just a note of sincere gratitude for allowing our students an opportunity to gain invaluable work experience in the community. The students who participated in our Work Based Learning Program were able to transfer their skills obtained and move forward to more challenges that will lead to more inclusion in the work force to gain employment. Your contribution, believing in our students was the foundation of our success. Again, this is a heartfelt, thank you.  Detroit Transition Center East
What The Younger Generation Says  
Dear St. Patrick Senior Center, Thank you for taking the time to meet with us and for allowing us the opportunity to meet many of your members. We truly appreciate the impact you have on the community. Sincerely, University of Michigan AASIST  Fellows
What Our Board Members Say 
Senior centers offer many opportunities to make new friends and maintain social activity. Studies have shown that socialization is important and even more so as we age. An AARP Bulletin article “Buddies Are Good for You” stated,“Being lonely takes a toll on the body that seems to accelerate with age” and “they [studies] all show that the more socially integrated you are, the longer you live.”  Yes, socializing is linked to longer, healthier and happier life and St. Patrick Senior Center is a vital link for metro Detroit Seniors age 55 and over. Sandra A Coleman, Secretary Board of Directors
What The Families Of Our Members Say  
I would like to express my appreciation for St. Patrick Senior Center’s excellent services that are rendered to my mother. To give you a little history regarding my mom’s health, she has been medically diagnosed with depression for the last 24 years and now that she is older, she has had a mild stroke, has diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems. St. Patrick has a wonderful staff. They are very attentive, understanding, caring and kind.  Their services are exceptional. 

I would like to list a few services they provide for not only my mom but also for me and our family: (1) The nurses there take her blood pressure and diabetes tests daily and if there is a problem with her health, they inform me right away; (2) The Center provides a comfortable environment which includes many activities and exercise that is imperative for maintaining her mental and physical health;(3) They provide a social environment where she can make and maintain friendly and healthy relationships with her peers; (4) The day trips and the after hour activities are awesome! I have not seen her enjoy herself that much in many years. (5) Last but not least, the Center is open early when I get there at 7:45 am and is still open when I get there after work around 5:15 pm, Monday through Friday.
If there was no St. Patrick Senior Center, I don’t know how I could care for my mom. They have helped my mom live a more wholesome lifestyle and have given us peace of mind. She enjoys the Center so much that she wants to be there on Saturday and Sunday and is disappointed when she can not get there. I am so very thankful, grateful and appreciative of the services St. Patrick provides.  Thank GOD for St. Patrick Senior Center!  Dennene Marshall, Daughter

What Our Members Say  
My name is JoAnn Morris [Member and Volunteer]; I’m on oxygen 24 hours a day.  In 2001, I came to Detroit after living in Chicagof or 30 years.  My mother, Dorothy Miles, lived at Casgrain Hall for 23 years and participated at St. Pat until she became homebound. She told me to go to St. Pat, join the Center, and I would like it.

My first day at St. Pat, I met Marie Hatcher, who has become my life-long friend and together we joined the computer class. I didn’t have any computer knowledge at the time and now I have learned so much. I can keep up with my two granddaughters by logging on to the Internet. There are so many reasons why I enjoy coming here. I’ve started going to the art classes. I never could draw, but I can now. At least, I have an eye for color.  We do so much here in class like making photo albums and creating stained glass. Just full days of fun – using my imagination. 

Oh, I don’t want to forget
the ballroom dancing.   I love it! My friends, Shirley and Evelyn, and I always sit at table 8. We play Kings in the Corners, a card game in which most seniors play at most tables. It’s the way we meet other seniors. Someone is always ready to play. Three days a week I volunteer in the clothing room. Across the hall is the barbershop where I get my hair cut. There is also a men’s clothing shop and did I neglect to mention that we have a hot meal 7 days a week. St. Pat has helped me restore my health.  I chose to keep busy and I do have to press my way most days to stay busy. I can’t just sit and do nothing; I want to interact with the seniors and the staff. 

I am happy to have a place to go
like St. Pat. There are so many things I didn’t write about such as the Annual Spring Festival and lunch served in the park on July 4th.  The seniors are blessed to have St. Pat; it’s been a lifeline--a connection to other seniors and volunteers. In fact, since I’ve been coming to St .Pat, it’s led to my employment 2 hours a day, 5 days a week.

I’d better thank my mother for telling me about St. Pat. It’s been everything she talked about and more. I can now say I’m a senior. It’s just the place to be. You ask do I love coming to St. Pat? The answer is YES! St. Patrick has kept me alert and alive. I love St Patrick Senior Center!