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While financial security is truly a major concern for many seniors, loneliness, lack of physical activity, and nutrition are also major concerns that impact quality of life. Even seniors with sufficient income are acutely aware that money may buy health care but it doesn’t buy health neither does it buy happiness. 

During a person’s working years, co-workers provide vital social interaction and a way to connect to the world. When a person retires, much of that connection is lost, even if there are family and friends beyond work, however, friends and family move away or pass on. There are seniors who remain active without assistance. Unfortunately, there are many seniors who spend a lot of their time confined by four walls and not always by choice as a result of limited finances, transportation, knowledge of options, or just a buddy to do things with.  Health, finances, and social interaction are components associated with “quality of life” evaluations. 

Senior centers offer opportunities to make new friends and engage in social activities.  Studies show that socialization is important and more so as we age. In an AARP article, “Buddies Are Good for You” stated “Being lonely takes a toll on the body that seems to accelerate with age” and “they [studies] all show that the more socially integrated you are, the longer you live.”