St. Patrick Senior Center, Inc.
58 Parsons St.
Detroit, MI 48201-2202
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Sharing, Caring and Loving the Elders We Serve Since 1973
Racine Dominicans, Founders
Membership is open to everyone meeting age requirements

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SaTrice Coleman-Betts

St. Patrick Senior Center provides a “home away from home” for over 2000 older adults all year round. It is also instrumental in assisting many seniors to live independently on their own. Our Center is a safe, friendly place where No one is alone!

St. Patrick Senior Center is a community that seniors know is their home regardless of age; whether they are homeless or own a home, depressed or happy, isolated or social, or adjusting from work to retirement. At least 200 seniors pass through the doors of St. Patrick Senior Center on a daily basis, some because they are hungry, some because they have no where else to go, and some because they need to be valued and engaged. Many come to participate in the many programs or take advantage of the many services offered by the Center. Just as important, many come and volunteer their services to assist other seniors and the operation of their Center by answering phones, help to prepare the daily meal, service those who are unable to stand in the lunch line, operate the fruit and vegetable sale, or serve as senior advocates. Whatever their reason, they come and they bring their friends while looking forward to sharing the day with their many friends at the Center.

It is through the support of many that we are able to improve the quality of life daily for over 2,000 older adults. Our goal for St. Patrick Senior Center is to continue to make a difference in the lives of others.

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Sister Mary Watson, OP
Sr. Mary Watson
A vision of opening up a center to give seniors with little or no income a place to get a good hot meal in a safe and welcoming setting led to the start of St. Patrick Senior Center. Over the years our vision expanded as we began to see a need for health care, education and independence if seniors were to improve their quality of life.

Along with the success of the “home cooked meal” program, we began to teach seniors how a balance meal contributed to their health and well being, and good nutrition became part of their education.

Additional programs subsequently were developed in recognition of the importance of physical mobility, social interaction and mental health to the elderly. In addition, we aimed to develop a spirit of community to engender a sense of love for other another.

Our Center or “home-away-from-home” as it is often called, was put in place to keep seniors independent and to give them new life in a community with over 10,000 seniors. We emphasize that it is a corporation and the seniors are the owners. It gives power back to the people who give it to us.
Jimmy Roberts
J RobertsOn a daily basis, older citizens come to SPSC to receive nourishments of mind and body. While a congregate meal is available, it is not the primary reason that people come to the SPSC. Older citizens who come to the SPSC have an opportunity to demonstrate their usefulness. Come to the SPSC any day of the week and you will find seniors preparing meals for other seniors. SPSC is the feeling of comfort that we received when going home after a long time away. Seniors prepare meals, serve meals and make preparations for future meals because they are fulfilling a need to be useful and their pride shows.

At SPSC, an older adult’s work does not stop with the congregate meal. Is there someplace that you would like to visit? SPSC has a senior who will help you and others arrange the visit, be it near or far. Do you like to dance or wish that you could? SPSC has a senior for that! From ballroom dancing to doing the hustle can be learned at the SPSC. Would you like to know more about computers and the Internet? SPSC has a senior for that! Weekly classes are ongoing and available just for this population of active and productive seniors.

SPSC is also the place for older citizens to seek assistance in participating in life’s daily activity. SPSC partners with organizations throughout the community to insure neighborhood resources are available. Senior advocates for medical challenges, disease prevention and health maintenance, transportation services, social interactions and other needs that assist older adults to remain independent and living in their homes are available. These are among the many reasons that we are proud to be associated with a great group of people who do for themselves while looking out for each other. Join us!

Dorothy McIntosh
I found out about St. Patrick Senior Center in 2005 when I met the Executive Director at a dance class and was told the Center also had Hustle classes. For the first few years I came only for the dance class. One day I asked about a card game some of the members were playing and stayed to learn the game which eventually led me to start staying for the noon meal and then attending the crafts and ballroom dancing classes.

I retired from the City of Detroit’s Health Department after 32 years and I continue my membership at St. Pat for the fellowship. Next to my church, the Center is an important part of my life. I begin to involve myself in Center activities looking for ways I could fit in and assist because I am a “doer.” Elected Membership President in 2009 is both a privilege and a challenge, I’m always thinking of ways to make and bring money to the Center to keep the activities going. It’s a great place to be a part of something important and that helps so many whether as a participant or a volunteer.



The dignity and well being of senior citizens.

Vision Statement
To serve as a loving, caring, sharing beacon of happiness for the senior citizens of metropolitan Detroit.

Mission Statement
To empower older adults to live independently with happiness by providing education, health and social programs and giving lasting support and dignity to their quality of life.