St. Patrick Senior Center, Inc.
58 Parsons St.
Detroit, MI 48201-2202
313-833-7080 • 313-833-0128 (fax)
Sharing, Caring and Loving the Elders We Serve Since 1973
Racine Dominicans, Founders
Membership is open to everyone meeting age requirements

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Join us for the
42nd Annual St. Patrick Festival
Sunday, June 23, 2019
1pm - 9pm at St. Patrick
Entry Tickets $5 [includes raffle entry for $1,000, $300 and $200]
Children 12 and under only $1
$10,000 GRAND PRIZE Raffle
Only 350 tickets sold  
[includes  $3,000 2nd Place; $2,000 3rd Plce and $1,000 4th Place]
Additional Raffles
Chair of Cheer [Lazy Boy recliner filled with cheer]
Irish Quilt
Hourly 50/50  


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 Please note the days the Center will be closed BEFORE and AFTER the Festival
Membership is only $10 a year for those 60+
and $36 a year for 55 - 59 years of age
You can renew for multiple years.
SATURDAY Activities
Join us for more fun, learning, exercise and Lunch!
Thank you for being a part of St. Patrick Senior Center 
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